Copyright protects any original works fixed in any tangible medium of expression. Nowhere in copyright laws will you find a requirement for “legality” of such “fixation”. This is where the works of graffiti artists come into conflict with generally accepted property rights of householders. So who is to win? ...READ MORE

Orphan Works are works which are still under copyright protection but whose creators or location of those creators are unknown. The Directive unifying the rules on certain uses of the orphan works was adopted by the EU in 2012. Here is the short overview of its' main provisions and interesting literature on the topic. ...READ MORE

La Minotauromachie is Pablo Picasso's most significant and important print. It is interesting due to its' creation process, the participation of the master printer and the fact that only 13 signed prints of La Minotauromachie still remain in existence. ...READ MORE

One of the artworks exhibited in the Belfius Art Collection is Tombeaux — a work of a famous contemporary artist Jan Vercruysse. These are four amazingly realistic and beautiful musical in-struments made in Murano glass. This artwork made me think about the concept of authorship or better about what actually defines an author? This post poses many questions regarding the concept of an "author" for the purposes of copyright. ...READ MORE

The development of the art markets have created the need to tackle a certain number of issues such as traceability, authenticity, anti-money laundering, etc to ensure its sound development. A certain number of technological products and services that use technology for authentication and attribution, and recently also blockchain technology to track and trace works of art, could help solve certain issues. Some technologies even embed bio-engineered DNA elements within the surface of art objects. ...READ MORE

The Estonian Commissioning of Artworks Act entered into force in the beginning of year 2011. According to the law an artwork has to be commissioned when a new public building is built or an old one reconstructed by a state institution. ...READ MORE