Ratification proposals and laws joining the Conventions have been finally submitted for review in the meeting of State Secretaries of Republic of Latvia. In the meanwhile, the parliament adopted amendments to the Criminal Law establishing the criminal liability for the illegal trafficking of a cultural monument protected by the Republic of Latvia outside of the country or an unlawful expropriation of the cultural monument, if it has caused significant damage to the state or the public interest. ...READ MORE

While Latvia is moving towards ratification of two basic conventions, that regulate movement of cultural goods, Europe is already looking one step further. Council of Europe is currently developing a new convention. The purpose of this new Convention is to prevent and combat the destruction of, damage to, and (international) trafficking in cultural property.  It provides for the criminalization of certain acts and also aims to strengthen crime prevention and the criminal justice response to all criminal offences relating to cultural property. ...READ MORE

It is planed that in 2017 Latvia will ratify two major international conventions -UNESCO 1970 Convention on the Means of Prohibiting and Preventing the Illicit Import, Export and Transfer of Ownership of Cultural Property and UNIDROIT 1995 Convention on Stolen or Illegally Exported Cultural Objects. Both conventions aim to protect cultural property against theft and illegal export. Artlaw.online is introducing the first update in the range on the question, prepared by the expert and a member of the working group, Ms. Kate Zilgalve. ...READ MORE