Object ID

In order to effectivel combat illicit trade in cultural objects maintenance of good documentation is mandatory.

Documentation is indeed crucial for the protection of movable heritage, for police officers to be able to recover the return object, to be able to identify victims, etc.

Object ID homepage is: http://archives.icom.museum/object-id/index.html

Within the Object ID project certain handbooks were developed, which are of interest to professional organizations and associations, as well as managers of collections and other art owners.

Among them:

  1. Legal and Practical Measures Against Illicit Trafficking in Cultural Property - UNESCO Handbook
  2. Introduction to Object ID: Guidelines for Making Records that Describe Art, Antiques and Antiquities
  3. Protecting Cultural Objects in the Global Information Society: the Making of Object ID
  4. Protecting Cultural Objects: A Preliminary Survey
  5. Documenting the Cultural Heritage

All of these documents available at: