If the exportable object is not older than 50 years and its value does not exceed 426.86 EUR, then permit for exportation is not needed. However, it is advisable to obtain a certificate for exportation as it makes the exportation process more convenient and saves troubles that might arise with customs authorities. ...READ MORE

Temporary export permit might be necessary if you wish to return the artwork to Latvia after exportation (e.g., export for temporary exhibition) ...READ MORE

Permanent permit is necessary for certain categories of artworks (please see section "Export of artworks from Latvia") to be permanently exported from the country. ...READ MORE

To export works of art and cultural objects, some formalities must be taken into consideration. Works of art and cultural objects that are older than 50 years and their value exceeds 426.86 EUR must obtain a permit in ALL cases. With two exceptions, it is prohibited to export works of art that are antiquities (dated until 17th century included) found in archaeological sites in the ground, above the ground or in water. ...READ MORE