There are certain requirements for the cultural objects to enter the territory of Latvia. Below is the overview of the current regulations. ...READ MORE

Permit for exportation is not needed for cultural objects younger than 50 years as well as those younger than 100 years if not created by persons and manufactures recorded in the Latvian art and culture indicators. It is advisable though to obtain a certificate for exportation as it makes the exportation process more convenient and saves troubles that might arise with customs authorities. ...READ MORE

Permit is necessary for certain categories of artworks (please see section "Export of artworks from Latvia (general overview)") to be permanently/temporary exported from the country. ...READ MORE

To export works of art and cultural objects from Latvia, some formalities must be taken into consideration. The below text gives an overview of the requirements for the owners of cultural objects of different age and state of origin wishing to temporary or permanently export the object outside the Latvian borders. ...READ MORE