Certificate for exportation of artworks from Latvia

Obtaining export certificate for cultural objects (voluntary)

Step No.





Visit the State Inspection for Heritage Protection on Pils iela 20, Rīga




Fill in the standard application form, including information on:

  • Details of the Applicant/owner of the object
  • Applicant`s representative (if any)
  • Recipient (address and country of destination)
  • Term of export of the cultural object
  • Purpose of export of the cultural object
  • Number of cultural objects
  • Description of cultural object has to be attached
  • Additional documents (authorization, title-deed, expertise etc.), if any have to be attached




Present the exportable cultural object at the Inspection

If the object is of large size, the Inspection has the right to conduct an examination of the object in its location




If a collection is being exported, a person shall submit a description of the collection, which encloses colour photographs of all cultural objects of the collection (photos cannot be older than 1 year, minimum size of photos-  8x12 cm, maximum - 10x15 cm)




In 15 days’ time the Inspection shall make the decision whether to give the license or prohibit the exportation of the object




Payment of the State Fee