Import of cultural objects in Latvia

Import of cultural objects in Latvia


ü  From outside the EU

For temporary importing of a cultural object, the owner has to declare and present the object in a Latvian customs authority.

If the owner does not declare the cultural object, it shall be considered that the object is purchased in Latvia and its exporting procedure shall be governed by the Regulations.

ü  From inside the EU

For those cultural objects, which would fall under the requirement to obtain an export license under the Regulations, export procedure under the Regulations would not apply, if documents confirming ownership or purchase of the object outside Latvia can be presented.

An owner shall inform the Inspection on temporary import of a cultural object in writing in 15 days’ time after the object has been imported in Latvia.

Cultural monument, which was exported based on a temporary export licence, has to be registered in the Inspection upon return by the owner in writing in 15 days` time after object`s import in Latvia.